Make Your Room Warm and Practical

Today I’d like to share a set of 80 square meters modern simplicity decoration cases. The whole space is based on white, and the open layout design makes the home more spacious and brighter. The colorful soft outfits make the home more layered and warmer.

Without the porch area, the fully open design of the living room, kitchen and dinning room increases the overall sense of space, which makes it very open and bright visually. The connection between the various functional aeras is also closer.

The whole living room is mainly white, and selecting caramel leather sofas with high and low combination coffee tables. The addition of carpets, green plants and pillows adds a sense of color difference, making the space more lively.

The black and white cow pattern carpet is not only fashionable, but also full of lively interest.

Matching with black TV cabinet and green plant decoration, the simple and white design of TV background looks full of artistic sense.

The kitchen is behind the sofa, using a half wall as a partition and a bar counter. The long and narrow kitchen has an L-shaped layout, and the white cabinets are perfectly integrated with the wall, which is visually wide.

The dinning room adopts a deck design and is integrated with the kitchen, which makes the corners are fully utilized. White round tables and gray dining chairs, with green plants and decorative paintings, make the dining environment more atmospheric.

At the end of the aisle, embellishing the space design with a black, white and gray painting, echoes the main tone of the overall space and seems more individual.

Although the area of the second bedroom is small, the tatami bed is created by using the space on the side of the aisle, and the glass sliding door is next to the tatami, which can ensure enough sleeping space and bring better lighting.

The master bedroom adopts the lake blue bedside background wall. The pure color makes the space more textured. A black wrought iron dressing table is also placed on the side, matched with a log headboard and metal lamps, which gives people an elegant and delicate feeling.

The washbasin is moved out in the bathroom to separate toilet, which is more convenient to use. The reaching-ceiling storage cabinet on the side is hollowed out in the lower layer, which is convenient for the placement of the washing machine, and the bathroom is clean and tidy as a whole.

The suspended washbasin cabinet comes with a light texture, and its glass doors not only increase the lighting in the space, but also has a fashionable design.