It’s no Wonder That the Platform Can Replace the Bed and Sofa: The Simple and Integrated Design, Advanced and Handy

Are the bed and sofa necessary in daily life? If you asked me before, I would definitely say that of course, how could we live without bed and sofa? However, after seeing these designs of floor platforms, if you asked me again, I would definitely say that it is not necessary, because the design of the platform is advanced and fashionable, and it is much easier to use than a bed or a sofa! With simple and integrated design, no wonder it can replace bed and sofa.

The floor bed can be used not only as a bed but also as a storage cabinet. Putting a mattress on it, a bed comes to us, while, putting a sofa cushion on it, a sofa comes. It does not affect the use or storage. The floor space of a bed can add a lot of design and practical functions! Building a platform bed against the wall will not feel suffocated and depressed, on the contrary, it can reduce the space of indoor sanitary corners and floor, and free up more activity space.

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