Industrial Style can only be cold? Appropriate design can also make people comfortable and relaxed

If you want to decorate your house in an industrial style but worry about feeling cold, why not try the industrial mixing design?  By using a more diversified style supplemented with other elements of soft decoration, to make your room present an industrial mix and match style.

Although it is called mixing designing, we never mismatch the style. Basically, all the soft decorations we choose belongs to dark color, and the most used ones were dark blue and emerald green. This color scheme is like a clouded sky and endless grass what gives us a strong feeling of movement and silence.

Behind the dark green sofa, we posted a super-large mirror, which just happened to be able to shine through the scenery outside the window, which looked like an extra window.

Through the ingenious design of the overall space, a space with fresh colors, modern shapes, and complex functions is created, which makes people comfortable and relaxed.