Decoration Ideas for Simple and Durable Small Apartment

As we all know, the decoration of small apartments is the most challengeable, because the limited space should be fully utilized.

Today I will share a set of small apartment decoration cases with a practical area of 42 square meters. Because of the small aera, the whole house is designed in a minimalism style, inside which white color is used in grand aera matching with light-color soft outfits to make the small space not crowded at all and feel warm and practical.

The living room is mainly white in large area, dotted with black decoration. And the classic color matching makes the space look refreshing and comfortable.

French windows bring good lighting, and green sofa chairs and small coffee tables are placed in the corners to create a warm and cozy leisure area.

The design of the restaurant is also simple, with a white sideboard built against the wall and a log-style dining table, bringing nature and comfort. The decoration of chandeliers and wooden frame wall clocks brings a richer texture and beauty, small design making great effects.

The whole kitchen uses white color as dominate hue, and with good lighting, it looks more transparent and brighter. The reasonable L-shaped cabinet layout provides ample storage and operation space, making the overall design practical and convenient.