98+ Garden decoration ideas

Spring season is just on its way and most of us have already started preparations for our garden. How about having repurposed garden decorations for this year’s garden? Some of the ideas that can make beautiful garden planters are given below.

If you are looking to grow some small flowers or plants in your garden then a new or old toolbox can also serve your purpose well. It will make good addition to your garden appearance.

You can also use a wheelbarrow for planting flowers and plants in your garden. Get old wheelbarrow paint it to remove rust. The advantage of having a wheelbarrow for plantation is that you can move it easily from one place to another within your garden.

Generally speaking the more unique the better- try beachcombing or countryside walks to find unusual objects, wood, rocks, fossils, etc which might come in useful.

These are few DIY repurposed ideas for your garden decoration.  just stay focused to get the best finishing and results.