29+ Exclusive for your Christmas manicure

Christmas is coming soon, have you painted the Christmas style manicure? If you haven't already, then come and pick up these Christmas manicure styles.

How can a Christmas less red nail polish, sequined red nails + diamond nails, simple yet stylish.

Christmas manicure is the most popular red with green, monochrome red nail polish + green plaid nail polish, contrast color is good, and the color is white.

This Christmas manicure is really very foreign, it seems that the atmosphere is full, and the manicure designed by the machine is beautiful.

Very small fresh Christmas manicure do you like it? White nail polish + snowflake print, very good, the thumb is designed as a snowman and a deer, super cute.

Mickey Mouse's Christmas manicure is so cute, it is also enough to be applied to the hand, and it is full of festive atmosphere.

The most popular Christmas is the red nail polish manicure, with a little white nail polish nail design, fresh and eye-catching and not exaggerated, with a small diamond more fashionable.

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