28+ Making a material classification of nail art

Women are born with the potential to discover beauty, even on the fingernails of the land, can use different materials to make the nails play their beautiful beauty. Nail art production materials are rich and varied. According to the production materials of nail art, it can be divided into phototherapy nails, silk nails, crystal nails, and glass nails.

Phototherapy A is a phototherapy adhesive that utilizes the penetration of ultraviolet light to solidify the natural resin gel component in the nail polish on the nail surface, thereby creating a tough, glossy, and durable advanced simulation technique. The biggest advantage of phototherapy is that it is odorless, tasteless, and has a good gloss. It also plays a role in strengthening the nail surface while decorating the nail.

Crystal A is the use of crystal liquid to solidify the crystal powder, forming a crystal nail similar in color and similar in hardness to the natural nail. Crystal A can not only repair imperfect hand shape, but also strengthen the nail surface, reduce the damage of nail polish on nails, and effectively protect natural nails.

The carved armor is a nail formed by using crystal liquid and carved powder. The carved flower pen is used to press a shape and shape on the nail surface to engrave a different flower shape, thereby increasing the three-dimensional feeling of the nail surface. Carved nails are generally divided into three types: inner carved, outer carved and three-dimensional carved.

Glazed nails are artificial nails that look like glass. Unlike other manicures, the basic material is liquid fiber, which is glass glue. Glass enamel can also change the shape of the nail in the nail art. The nails coated with liquid fiber will grow according to the established shape, and the imperfect shape of the nail can be improved.

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