27+ What decorative materials are there for nails?

Women are irresistible to shiny and lovely decorative materials. Women also have their own opinions on the choice of nail decoration materials. Nail art can be divided into watermark applique, rhinestone inlay, hanging suspension and soft ceramic strip according to decorative materials.

Watermark appliques are simple, lively nail art accessories designed to decorate your nails. Watermark decals are healthy, economical and easy to operate, and are popular among manicures. It is easy to operate, just cut the desired flower shape, soak it in water for about 30 seconds, and use a paper towel to absorb the moisture, stick the pattern on the side of the nail, and then apply the bright oil.

Putting one or two shiny rhinestones on a monotonous nail is also a popular way to decorate nails. The way the rhinestone is attached to the nail surface greatly changes the limitations of the nail art decoration material. With the embellishment of the rhinestone, the nail looks more textured and three-dimensional.

The manicure method of hanging pendants has been popular in the nail art world. Use a nail tool to punch your nails into a small hole and hang a small pendant on the front of the nail, which is both beautiful and stylish. However, the hanging suspension is very harmful to the nail and is not convenient in daily life.

The soft ceramic strip is a long cylindrical manicure ornament of about 5 cm in length and about 5 mm in width. There are many styles of soft ceramic strips, which can be attached to the nail surface by cutting into thin sheets with a knife. Soft ceramic tiles not only increase the three-dimensional effect of the face pattern, but also bring a lot of interesting patterns.

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