16+ shooting beautiful and beautiful nails

Put your hands on the table, the table can put some background, if the pink cloth, etc., look at personal preference, the angle of the hands about 60 ° overlap, the hand is placed on the top does not matter, the key is to try to close the finger Together, when shooting, focus on the part where the fingers overlap, pay attention to the focal length, and try to ensure that the picture is clear. It is best to take 3 pictures from different angles for each piece of work, so that both the whole and the details can be displayed, so that the works can be displayed in all directions. Everyone knows a little bit. The nail art picture mainly shows the nail design, not the finger or the hand.

Pay attention to the light when taking pictures. If the environment is too dark, you can use the flash or use the light to make enough light, but also be careful not to be too light, otherwise it will reflect.

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