11+ Photographing peony

Last night, drizzle, flowers are innocent? How about a peony flower in a thousand acres? What kind of mood will you pull out?

Early in the morning, I came to the venue of the Heze International Peony Exhibition. The tourists have not arrived, feels quiet. In the mist, the peony flower is looming, and the mood is ready to jump.

The Compendium of Materia Medica uses peony as the head of the group, called "Kao". There is also the title of "national color" and "rich flower". The history of peony cultivation began in the Han Dynasty and flourished in the Tang Dynasty. Some people think that peony originated in Caozhou (ie Shandong Heze). Built in 1982, Heze Peony Garden covers an area of 1,200 acres and is the largest peony garden in the world.

Riyuejin, the first case red, the snow tower, Wujin Yaohui, Jingui fragrance... depicting the peony's delicate and famous name. The petals, the waterdrops on the green leaves are the Acacia rains that were sprinkled last night; under the sun, there is a diamond-like glow and a firm love.

Light purple, pink, white makeup looks elegant and elegant makeup. It is bright red and purple, highlighting the flamboyant habits. The shutter is fast but the radical heartbeat is touched, and the macro is lost in the colorful sea of flowers.

Thousands of acres of peony flowers, in tandem, can not be said to be beautiful. Amazing, pleasant, moving, unable to describe the feeling of incitement.

Beauty has conquered the hearts of the people. People are hugged in the happy spring, and can't bear to leave.

11+ Photographing peony